Friday, January 25, 2013

This Wasn't Supposed to be my Headboard...

So one afternoon, I found (another) Entertainment Center on the side of the road.

        We already had one in the living room, but this was a perfectly good Entertainment Center and it was black, which was quickly becoming a fan-favorite accent color in my room (and by “fan-favorite” I mean it was “voted on” by the streets of Studio City - the desk that I’d already picked up off the street was black, as was the super-discounted bookshelf I’d purchased at the Studio City Goodwill) How could I turn this sucker down? Carolyn was not happy about it. And I had to convince her that it at least wasn't a bad idea, because we had to use her car to pick it up. The conversation went something like this:

Grace: You don’t even have to come with me. I’ll get it myself. Can I just use your car?
Caro: I mean… you can’t… lift it by yourself.
Grace: Ok maybe you do have to come with me.
Caro: Grace, where would you even put it? It’s not going to fit anywhere in your room…

        Now I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but I was a little bit in love with the idea of an Entertainment Center as a headboard.

…Well, in love with the theory, anyway.

Because in theory, it would look something like this:

(This is a headboard that Ikea makes, where you can slide the shelves in and out of the headboard. Palace of Efficiency, my friends. 

Do you know what kind of bedside accessories and general kitsch you can store in there?)

In actuality, my room now looked like this:

(Yes that is a wealth of extension cords, tumbling out of the bottom cabinet, because I have the cords rigged to go all the way around the room to the big lamp, because there’s only ONE outlet (out of twelve) that connects to the light switch. And if I want the lights to be operated by the light switch in my Easy Living Palace… You get the idea.)

        This grand idea lasted about three weeks before I finally gave up. This is my teenie-bopper bedroom, not a marriage! I can do what I want! I DO NOT HAVE TO COMPROMISE! (and by “compromise,” I mean: heave myself up against the wall, in order to pry open those Covenant-garage-sale/made-it-all-the-way-across-the-country-housing-my-crayons Drawers, if I wanted to put chapstick on, before going to bed… You can’t even really see them: they’re practically hidden by the pillows in that picture, anyway.)

        I asked Sam if she had a problem with an Entertainment Center on her side of the room, serving as a shelf/catch-all. She graciously acquiesced, probably because that was less exhausting than having to put up with the repercussions of saying no, which would undoubtedly involve me spending way longer than necessary telling her all the reasons why it was an excellent piece of furniture…

        Oh – those awkward photos on the wall above it? They’re hanging on pieces of an under-bed drawer that I… yes, you guessed it! DISCOVERED ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD! There’s Mod-Podge involved. Stay tuned…

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