Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Living Single Series

So you know how pastors do a Sermon Series?

Grace is gonna do a Blog Series.

Oh geez. Wait, I hate that phrase. How about, “Grace is gonna do a Series of Musings.” Anything to avoid the word “blog.”

It’s going to be called the “Living Single Series,” because it details, well… what happens when you don’t have a husband. And Allison Norris, you may put that Feminist Judgment aside and say it with me: 

Sometimes, life would just be easier if I had a husband.

I’m sorry, is that sexist of me? I’ll leave it to future President of the United States, Allison Norris, to inform me of whether or not the issue is my commentary on the weakness of women or the objectifying of men, but seriously: sometimes you just need a man to do the heavy lifting.

There is absolutely no deeper, metaphorical meaning to that statement, other than the literal truth. Sometimes I wish I had a dude to haul in the heavy stuff (that I mostly find on the street).  

But the fact that there is no Mr. Grace Douglas makes for some pretty hilarious episodes of trying to furnish an apartment by my onesie. (And yes, with the moral support and occasional bicep support of a one Carolyn Murdock. But let’s face it: She doesn’t have the biceps of Arnold.

So stay tuned, people. Cause although it usually feels like this:

And there might be some of this:
It’s mostly this:

And this:

And per usual, the occasional THIS:

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